[New Product Release] Electric wheelchair tire

Release date:2018-05-24Views: Times

Guangzhou Nedong Information Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced a wheelchair tire that is not inflated and not afraid of being tied. 

8 inch wheelchair wheel set



12 inch wheelchair wheel set



24 inch wheelchair wheel set


So beautiful, not afraid of flat

What does it look like to install on a wheelchair?

These tire has 4 major advantages compared to the competitors:

1. Producing process: non-toxic and environment protecting, materials can be recycled;

2. Weather resistance: strong, long service life:

3. Lightweight: Unique structural design, effectively saving material costs, and weigh 30%-40% lesser than the competitors;

4. Comfort: The honeycomb structure can effectively filter and make the wheelchair have a better experience !

It's believed that with these tires, it will surely solve the problem of wheelchair puncture for more disabled people, bringing the ultimate gospel!

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