[New Product Release] 12 inch resistant eco-friendly airless tire

Release date:2016-09-08Views: Times

12 inch tire size 12x1.5

12x1.5, rim groove width 25mm, rim diameter 220mm

The 12-inch resistant and eco-friendly airless tires are mostly used for folding bicycles, children's bicycles and other small-sized bicycles.

Compared with pneumatic tires, these tires are not afraid of flat, puncture, leak of air and preasure;

Compared with other airless tires in the market, these tires are manufactured with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

The tires are resistant to ozone, acid rain and ultraviolet light, with strong weather resistance and will not crack naturally within five years.

The actual wear resistance test is, more than 4,000 kilometers of riding.

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