How long does a nedong tire last?

Nedong tires can be stored for up to 5 years without problems. If possible, store them in a cool, dry, and most importantly dark place. If stored properly, there may be longer storage time.

Why do tires reach the wear limit too early?

There are many factors, such as long-term heavy load, rough asphalt pavement, use under high temperature conditions, and frequent use of emergency brakes.

For safety reasons, the resistant tires are technically treated on the tire design to prevent slipping or skidding, allowing the tread to wear to a certain extent, affecting the appearance, but not affecting the normal use of the tire.

How many miles can a Nedong tire run?

It is difficult to answer this question because mileage is greatly affected by tire load, road surface, temperature and riders. For example, tires wear faster when used in hot weather with heavy loads and rough asphalt.

As a guide, you can expect a normal range of 3000-5000 km for a resistant tire.

In practice, the resistant tires have been serving public bicycles since 2010, and until 2015, the replacement rate of the resistant tires was 5%.

To what extent does the tire wear out?

In bicycle tires, the tread is far less important than the car tire. Therefore, there is no problem in using a tire having a worn tread, except of course the MTB tire.

For the nedong non-pneumatic tire, the whole tire is made of a uniform material. In theory, as long as the user is willing, it can be used until the tire is cracked. However, in consideration of problems such as slip resistance and comfort during riding, the tire must be replaced when the tread pattern is worn flat.

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