How to identify the installation direction of the tire

The tread tread of the nedong tire has a directional inclination of a certain angle, which is the direction in which the tire rolls forward, that is, the installation direction.

What size rim is the nedong tire suitable for?

First, the inner diameter of the tire must match the diameter of the rim, for example a tire size of 24x1.5 (496) suitable for a rim of 496 diameter.

In addition, the rim width of the rim needs to match the tire. For example, the 24x1-3/8(520) tire needs to match the rim of the 19.5mm card slot. The slot width here refers to the width of the inner card slot.


How to determine if this tire is suitable for my frame?

Keep in mind that for a large number of different bike models, it is not possible to check the compatibility of all frames and tires.

The list below shows the exact diameter and width of our tires. This should help you identify if there is enough clearance for the selected tire.


Why is the tire smaller than the rim?

The models of the tires and rims are matched, and the tires are placed outside the rim, so the actual size of the tires and rims is different. The resistant tire is made of environmentally friendly material TPE and has good elasticity. In order to achieve close cooperation between the tire and the rim, the fixed tire is assembled with negative tolerance to prevent the tire from being detached from the rim during driving, which threatens the safety of the user. 

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