[Up knowledge] Plastic steel wheel VS spoke wheel, aluminum-magnesium alloy wheel, what are the advantages?

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A few days ago, when Sir was riding a bicycle, he encountered a headache. The rear wheel of the car creaked along the way. I stopped the car and watched what happened in the rear wheel. Nothing was found. Later, I found one or two masters who repaired the car. They all said nothing. But the problem still didn't solve. As a result, I found the third one. He said that my spokes were loose. I screwed it for 15 yuan. Although it is a little expensive, in the final analysis, Sir feels that this is a spoke rim. Common problem.

When you are passing through some rugged roads, the bumps of the wheels will be more powerful. Over time, the spokes will loosen. Once you have loosened, you will have to take it. It takes a lot of time to tighten it, and you need to find special tools. Otherwise, you have to pay for your car to help solve the problem. Having said that, is there any effective way to avoid this?

The answer is yes. Next, Sir is going to introduce the following new plastic steel wheels, which not only saves the trouble of loosening the spoke wheel set, but also has the high elasticity function that the aluminum-magnesium alloy wheel can't match.

The material properties are as follows:

1. Thermal properties: glass transition temperature (Tg) and melting point (Tm); high heat distortion temperature (HDT); long-term use temperature (UL-746B); large temperature range; small thermal expansion coefficient.

2, mechanical properties: high strength, high mechanical modulus, low latency, strong wear and fatigue resistance.

3, other: chemical resistance, electrical resistance, flame resistance, weather resistance, dimensional stability.

Compared with aluminum-magnesium alloy integrated wheels:

1. Corrosion resistant and not easy to rust;

2, subject to external impact, can be restored after deformation;

3, beautiful, complex design is easier;

4. It has higher specific strength (strength/density) and specific modulus (modulus/density);

5, good impact resistance;

6. The long-term outdoor use strength retention rate is high, and the mechanical performance (compared with the performance under balanced moisture absorption) can be maintained above 90% within 3 years;

7, good weather resistance, in the hot summer and cold winter, have excellent performance, color is good, fade slowly.

8, good resistance to hydrolysis and solvent resistance, suitable for complex use environments.

Compared to spoke wheels:

1. Shorten the production process of the depot and reduce the production cost;

2, the damage rate is low, the maintenance rate is reduced, and the maintenance cost of the customer is greatly reduced;

3, corrosion resistant, not easy to rust;

4. It is impacted by external force, and the deformation is small and can be recovered.

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