Black technology | Bicycle wheels can still be so "Q bomb"

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At present, the bicycle hubs on the market are roughly divided into a one-piece hub and a spoke wheel hub.

The spoke wheels can be removed separately and repaired. However, in the event of severe deformation, it needs to be replaced as a whole. Because this is very likely to be a thankless task for some newcomers who want to try their own spokes.

The integrated wheel hub is integrally formed, and the common magnesium-aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy wheels are divided. Both wheels have their own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, the same level of wheel magnesium alloy is more expensive, because magnesium alloy is lighter than aluminum alloy, making technology more difficult! The same level of wheel load is not much different, after all, the standard for making magnesium alloy wheels is to achieve the same strength and lighter weight, otherwise it is better to use aluminum wheels directly.

In general, a one-wheeled short-distance ride will be faster than a spoke-wheel, but it will be less inferior to the spoke hub in terms of shock absorption. In response to this situation, there is also a new type of wheel product that has not been imitated and surpassed in the Chinese market - "plastic steel wheel", which is made of glass fiber modified nylon, which has rapid molding, low processing cost and design freedom. Great advantages, in line with energy-saving and environmental protection, small and lightweight development trend.

Compared with the spoke wheels, the wheel and the general magnesium alloy wheel have better impact resistance, better elasticity and lighter weight!

The following shows the "Q-bomb" characteristics of this new type of plastic steel wheel, which fills the gap in the market and has a bright future! If you need a wheel hub, you can click on the blue link below to contact us!

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