[Dry goods] teach you how to do the electric scooter late maintenance

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Today, safe travel has become a topic of great concern to many people. Similarly, low-carbon travel has always been a policy policy advocated by the state. In this social context, many professionals who focus on vehicle R&D have begun to focus on “Which tools can make citizens and friends safe and safe to travel?” Finally, new types of electric scooters The vehicle successfully faces the market and meets everyone!

As a new type of vehicle, many people are not very familiar with the situation of electric scooters. Naturally, they are not very familiar with the maintenance of the later stage, so they are worried about the service life of electric scooters. In fact, resistance to Sir believes that as long as you pay attention to these maintenance, the service life of electric scooters can be greatly extended:

First, we must develop a good habit of charging, of course, not to say that you have to use up before you can charge, so that the damage to the battery is large, you must use the charge, so that the battery is always in a state of electricity, so Can greatly extend the battery life.

Second, charging at any time is a good habit, but if the charging time is too long, it will cause damage to the battery. Generally, it is best to control it in about 8 hours, and the longest time is no more than 12 hours.

Third, some drivers may not use electric scooters for a period of time. Here, I want to remind everyone that if you don’t use them for a long time, you must keep enough power and then fix a frequency to keep charging. It’s not that you don’t have to use it. You can not charge.

Fourth, in addition to maintaining a very good charging habit, riding habits are also very important. Everyone knows that some vehicles powered by electricity will be very hard when going uphill, and sometimes the car will emit very unpleasant noise. This is the car telling you that it is necessary to protect it at this time, so I suggest you go uphill. Or when starting, it is best to use your own feet to bring a force to the car, which can effectively protect the car.

Fifth, usually many people will ignore it, that is the problem of the charger, the electric scooter reminds everyone to use the original matching charger, so that you can more effectively protect your own electric scooter.

Sixth, regarding the problem of electric tires changing tires and tires leaking, there are two solutions here: one is a pneumatic tire, in which case the tire is too narrow, the wheel rim is too wide, causing the gap to be too large, when inflating Run out. It is recommended to find a slightly thicker thing (wood sticks, bottles and other hard things), stuff it into the tire mouth by hand, widen the tire mouth and park for a few hours. Remove the stuff that was stuffed in and install the tires to inflate.

The other is to directly replace the resistant and environmentally friendly pneumatic tires, not afraid of thorns, maintenance-free, and long life. After inspection and testing, a single tire at a speed of 40km / h, load 75kg, with obstacles, continuous operation 3000km, no damage. In addition, the tires use the principle of bionics, and can be used normally at temperatures from 60 degrees to minus 30 degrees!

Do all of the above, you can push your beloved electric scooter out, ready to go! I wish you a safe journey!

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