[The most stringent "environmental law" in history] Who can be as stable as a mountain in the tire industry?

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The Ministry of Environmental Protection recently informed that it is necessary to strictly control the “scattering and pollution” enterprises as one of the key contents of the intensive supervision. Enterprises that cannot upgrade and meet the standards will be closed before the end of September this year. In the second half of the year, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will strictly rectify environmental protection issues, and at the same time as the most stringent “environmental protection law” in history will ensure that the “five-step method” of the inspection storm will be effective.

       The first step: supervision, that is, the inspectors went to the scene to find the problem. The second step: the assignment, involving important issues concerning the improvement of environmental quality, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will send a document to the local government officially, that is, “record the account and hang up the order”. The third step: inspections, the various departments of the Ministry of Environmental Protection sent people to inspect the "scheduled orders" of the local governments, and the progress. The fourth step: interview, if the inspection shows that the progress of the governance is slow and the rectification is weak, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will talk about the relevant leaders of the local government. After the interview, the Ministry of Environmental Protection will send people to "look back." The fifth step: special inspectors, for the places that are still "indifferent", will also launch the "mobile" and "point-and-point" central special inspectors, and blame people to ensure that the problem is fully resolved. Make the law-abiding of the company gradually become the norm.

       Environmental supervision is definitely not a gust of wind, but a combination of boxing. The fourth batch of central environmental protection inspections in mid-August has been fully launched, and it indicates that the accountability storm of environmental pollution control has swept away.

       Since September 2009, the “Resistant and Environmentally-friendly Pneumatic Tire” produced by the company has been put into the market. The company has independently researched and developed for 8 consecutive years. The tires are designed with “horizontal hollow ribs” and use non-toxic environmentally friendly materials. It is not afraid of tying, air-free and recyclable and many other advantages. It is a “green” product promoted by the state. At the same time, the resistant and environmentally friendly pneumatic tires have passed the ROHS environmental protection test of the European Union and are well received by European and American international markets.

Automatic tire production line


       All along, Guangzhou has been recycling tires and has been used in the production of plastic track, soles and other fields. With low carbon and environmental protection as the standard, it provides users with the healthiest, most durable and most worry-free riding hardware and software, making your riding life simple and safe. Tires, vehicles and systems will be combined. Leading a new round of cycling new style!


Seeing this, I think of two questions:

First, perhaps the comfort of air-free comfort needs to be improved, but it is very likely that it will be popularized on household bicycles in the near future. Just like the special bicycles that are currently on fire, Mobye and other bicycles are equipped with almost every car.

Second, if the pneumatic tires can be recycled and environmentally friendly, then there will be a group of related enterprises whose environmental standards are not up to standard will be phased out, leaving them to think about it!

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