New chain-free "left-handed" free inflatable bicycle

Release date:2016-09-08Views: Times

The car is on the road, how can you not fall into the chain? Facing the sturdy tires and the falling car chain,You can only look around the car and look for the repair shop.

Recently, Guangzhou Nation Information Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with a company to develop an environmentally friendly "left-handed" bicycle that is not afraid of punctures and is not afraid of puncture.

This bicycle frame is unique in shape, and the frame is only linked to the hub on the left side, with a chain-free drive shaft design.

Use resistant, environmentally friendly, pneumatic tires. This will be a beautiful scenery for the future city ride!

Although it looks unique, don't worry, riding comfort is very good.

And there is no danger of being punctured and puncture by foreign objects when riding.


Not afraid of tie, the reason for not puncture is to use the resistant and environmentally friendly pneumatic tires.

Resistance to environmental protection, pneumatic tires are resistant to acid rain, ultraviolet light, ozone, and weather resistance.

Even in harsh environments such as strong light and acid rain, tires will not crack within five years.

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