Guangzhou's first "Lee Sharing" competition in the preliminary round

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Sharing the name is to show your experience, knowledge, and other things worth sharing.

The contestants' speeches are unique and some are full of pride; some are full of deep feelings and thought-provoking; some are talented, confident and free-spirited... they show their experiences through different platforms and life experiences. And sharing, interpreting the idea that "single music is not as good as the music."

On June 9th, 2017, Guangzhou Naijun held the first “Le-Share” competition, and the colleagues from all over the world gathered together to share the fun, share experiences and share life...


The content of the first speech was about insurance. If you buy insurance directly, you can consult him directly, haha.


After the speech, it is the review time.


"Wrestle! Dad is worth recommending, modern women are going to be the masters


The Northeasters used Northeastern to speak Northeastern cuisine, and I fell in love with this place in the Northeast.


After buying insurance, the next step is to buy a car. After buying a car, you won’t be pitted.


There is another place to eat, and that is Guangzhou Mi Shi Road.


Sure enough, it is the most popular person to be impressed.


For those who don't understand red wine, you can go and install it after listening.


The previous influenza, after this speech, has a new understanding


I have been living for a few decades, so I respect my parents and often go home to see.


After talking about the various waves of eating, drinking, and having fun, you must say good about career planning. How can you wave without money?


The next step is to play the "first moveable handsome", and the content of the sharing is "joining the immovable, happy and proud" is not to learn the guide, and it will cause a laugh.


It is said that love that is not for the purpose of marriage is a rogue. But from her insights we can look at this from another angle.


Let's take a trip that says go! Xichong is also a good choice


If you want to eat and want to maintain a good body, of course, you must have exercise, fitness is also a good choice.


When it comes to eating, I must learn to learn table manners.


After ten days of intense competition, ten players were selected, and ten of them chose to write their favorite tutors for the finals.


After a fierce first-round competition, ten players stood out from the primaries, and the ten players will usher in the final of July 1!

Here, I hope that the ten finalists will make persistent efforts to show their style and share their lives in the finals! At the same time, I also wish the "Guangzhou Naim's first music sharing finals" a complete success!

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