Guangzhou Nation Sales Department participated in the “Crazy Team” study and won the team championship honor!

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Mentality training is the most important training for enterprises. Through correct mentality training, employees' attitudes can be changed. Encourage employee morale, improve work efficiency, and greatly promote the realization of organizational goals. All along, immobility has been adhering to the people-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, actively pushing employees to participate in training, and gained a lot...

2017.9.16—2017.9.17, the impatient family members have experienced the hard training of the “crazy team”, reunited and shared the honor of the team championship! The family is working hard, let's go home!

We celebrated with the team championship!

In the course of the game, not only the results of winning and losing, but also the process is very important!

The following are the outstanding contributions of our team's family. Unexpectedly, all of our impatient family members are among them...

Our Chairman Zhang, as a leader of the impressed family, accepted the awards ceremony and delivered the award speech.

At this moment, our impatient family is the most proud and proud!


We took photos with the participants and event organizers.

After returning home, the impressed family made a profound sharing of this training.


After listening to the experience of the sales team, our chairman Zhang felt deeply and made a high evaluation.


At the end, this "crazy team" training, the immovable sales team with a full enthusiasm, full of mentality, and a high sense of responsibility to get the general crown. This honor belongs to the whole family, and is the common wealth of our company. We hope that the tomorrow will be more brilliant and create new achievements!

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