Guan Xuan | Nai Action Technology won the Silver Award in the "2018-2019 Made in China" Annual Awards!

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On the afternoon of October 17, the 2018 Made in China Awards Ceremony and Global Product Launch (Guangzhou Station) hosted by China Manufacturing Network was held at the Westin Hotel, Canton Fair. The supporting units also included China Industrial Design Association and Guangdong Cross-border E-Commerce. Industry associations, etc.

According to reports, the annual selection of China-made beauty was initiated by China Manufacturing Network in 2011 and is held once a year. This year is the eighth year. As a public welfare selection campaign, the China Manufacturing Beauty Awards are for all Chinese-made companies, design institutes, and universities to collect products, and invite domestic industrial design leaders, industry-leading buyers, and industry-leading experts to separate manufacturing processes. Multi-dimensional evaluation of innovation value, human-computer interaction, safety compliance, aesthetic effects, etc., selected excellent products made in China to be widely promoted at home and abroad.

From April this year, the collection of products began to open in early August. The 2018 China-made Beauty Organizing Committee received 4,036 entries from 1,886 companies, which were experts from industrial design, universities, industry experts and international inspection and certification bodies. The members of the jury composed of the initial and final evaluations, and finally selected 2018 Chinese-made beauty awards, a total of 11 gold, 35 silver, 18 individual awards, 48 nominations and 54 corporate awards.

The mobile technology won the silver prize in the "2018-2019 Made in China" selection! The following is the award-winning style of the mobile technology




It is reported that Guangzhou Station is the first stop of the 2018 China-made beauty products global launch conference, and then the organizing committee will also bring internationally renowned products representing the beauty of China to Hannover, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dubai and other internationally renowned. The exhibition site will be released and promoted globally. In addition, the award-winning products will also rely on China Manufacturing Network and's professional cross-border B2B trading platform to gain more opportunities to explore overseas B-type markets.

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