2017 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival | Anti-motion technology showcases environmental protection one wheel!

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On the morning of November 25th, the 2017 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival was held. Experts in the field of innovation and technology in more than 30 countries and regions gathered in Guangzhou to discuss how innovative technology can be integrated into daily life. More than 100 Chinese and foreign technology innovation teams participated.

Mayor of Guangzhou and Dr. Yousi Valdi and the head of the district visited the immovable visit

The reporter came to the interview, we are introducing the product.

Children's listening to the introduction products

    We are introducing foreign-friendly friends to the environmentally friendly integrated wheel, which has the advantages of weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, fatigue resistance, long-term thermal stability, high strength, high rigidity and high toughness.

Exchange business cards


The affirmation of the government at the 2017 Guangzhou International Innovation Festival has inspired us to move forward. Let us work harder!

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