"2017 Guangdong Province Independent Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise" was announced!

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Reviewed by the Independent Innovation Review Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Confederation, the following list was adopted: 2017 Guangdong Province Independent Innovation Benchmarking Enterprises (50)


(Photo data from Nanfang Daily)


Innovation is the soul of development and progress and the inexhaustible driving force for a country and a nation. It is the same for a company. Only by innovation can we continuously enhance its core competitiveness. If a company does not understand reform and innovation, and does not know how to forge ahead, it will stop. The fundamental significance of innovation is to dare to break through the limitations of the enterprise, remove the old system and old methods that are out of date, and create more new systems, new measures and new technologies that adapt to the market. Walking in front of the trend of the times, winning fierce market competition.

Guangzhou Nation Information Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the concept of independent innovation, and has long-term cooperation with well-known experts in the industry and famous domestic research institutes. It has continuously innovated products and won the first group of 2016 Tianyinghui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Name, the 22nd National Invention Exhibition "Invention and Entrepreneurship Award, Project Award" Gold Award, the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong·Guangzhou Division) new material industry growth group third.

The environmentally-friendly pneumatic tires developed by the company are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. They have many advantages such as good cushioning, no fear of tying, no inflation and recyclability. They are the “green” products promoted by the state. After the tires were successfully put into the market, the immovable action continued on the road of innovation, and successfully developed the “green plastic integrated wheel”, which has the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, high toughness, weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, fatigue resistance and long-term heat stability. It solves the pain points of traditional spoke wheel set installation, difficult maintenance and low efficiency, making green travel more convenient and safe.

In the future, immobility will continue to adhere to the road of independent innovation, determined to be a pioneer in low-carbon environmental protection, and better serve the society.

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