2017 Guangzhou's second "Lee Sharing" competition finals wonderful review

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2017 Guangzhou's second "Lee Sharing" competition finals was opened! Below is the number one player, no, this is our host! Don't be deceived by her sweet "body"... Participants, Are you ready? Let me hear your screams?


The first round was a speech contest. The first person to play is our kindly "Lady next door", next door to your home. The theme of his speech is: From the NBA to see the United States, with a small size, humor, and won the praise of everyone.


Then this is Chen Beauty, our administrative personnel department, attribute Tianxian, Yan value match Tianxian. She is talking about innovation and is fascinating in a witty way. The audience applauded constantly...


Speaking of volunteers, everyone must be familiar with it. Next, the "white rich beauty", Jianghu people called Qi Ge, there is a personal experience. Don't look at her, she usually laughs with her colleagues. Through this competition, everyone found that she is actually very delicate and caring, the key is that she is single, Xiaobian can only help you to this, hehe.


This one is our face value, his slogan is "I am very handsome in addition to being handsome," and it is a wake-up call for the male compatriots: although our innate conditions can't be changed, we can still work hard. Bibi, Fighting!


Speaking of success, I guess you definitely want to hear, the player is strong and brave in an accident. Every day, she continued to practice and finally defeated herself. She stood up again and deeply infected everyone! Don't give up, don't give up, you are the best!

During the competition, the contestants also had a wonderful interactive question and answer with the audience. The audience's answers were different, and the atmosphere was very warm!


Intermission, of course, come over to see our delicious fruit snacks, Xiaobian does not know why, every time the banana is "seconds no", welcome to know the classmates, in the comment area to express your message, let small The ups and downs of the "pose"...


The second round is the talent show, the players have come up with the ability to look at the home, show talent. Flute music, dance magic, everything is spectacular! Ok, actually, there are also spicy eyes. After all, it’s spicy and healthier, haha...


The final round is of course our awards session, giving you a wonderful shot of the awards moment.

First prize

second prize

Third prize


"Best Network Red Award"

All the contestants took a group photo

At the end, the best wishes are given to every member of the immobile family: a hundred feet to go further! Make persistent efforts and create new achievements!

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