[Christmas special issue] In addition to Miss Santa and Santa, we have gifts and connotations!

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Every year on December 25th - Christmas arrives as scheduled, who have you been with in the past Christmas, so who will you spend this Christmas? Today, Sir met the Miss Christmas sister in the company, and sent a candy gift to the friends with Santa Claus. The children who are impressed, everyone is blessed! !

Santa kiss

Come, beam driver, incense

Word Solitaire

(Challenge the memory limit with Miss Santa!)


Who is the drama

(Everyone drinks a glass of water, and the audience guesses who is drinking vinegar by asking questions)


Table tennis

(Whether it will be played, you can't lose, look at my wave ball!)


Exchange gifts

(Wow, a lot of gifts, Sir can't wait to exchange...)


What is this ghost? The resistance to Sir's face is red. . .



Finally, all the impatient colleagues wish you all:

Christmas is safe and happy! I want to make things happen!

The single dog leaves the single body early...

Best wishes to you!

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