[Nursing News] Let us fight for the excellent employees of the company

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On January 24th, 2018, from 8:30 to 9:30 am, the company organized all the colleagues to participate in the evaluation activities of “Enterprise Outstanding Team, Outstanding Individual and Individual Progress Award”. More than a dozen outstanding employees from various departments have used our most realistic emotions and the simplest language to set up a banner and benchmark for us to convey the most powerful voice--"Being loyal to the profession, loyal to the company, and doing excellent work." "Employees", resonate in the hearts of listeners.....

Excellent team roadshow


(Quality Control Department remote video connection)

Excellent personal roadshow


Personal progress roadshow


The inspiration for this event is divided into three main areas:

The first point is to realize that in addition to getting paid, the job will also bring intangible assets such as contacts, work experience and growth experience to the individual. The work itself is a valuable platform for personal growth. For this reason, we must take a positive attitude towards work, remembering that we are working for ourselves, and we must reflect on ourselves more often, so that we can continue to grow from the process of work;

The second point is that to become a good employee, it is very important to know yourself and have a clear understanding and positioning of yourself so that you can make up for your weaknesses and make things better.

The third point is that if you work hard, you can only do things right. If you do things with your heart, you will do things well. Only when you are fully committed to work is your responsibility to yourself.

The company is currently in a critical period of transformation and upgrading and leapfrog development. Every employee should learn from advanced role models, closely combine his own future and destiny with the company's development, and use immobility as a stage to display his talents and make contributions to his career. He loves immobility, loyalty, perseverance, gratitude and resistance, and resistance to breathing. The common destiny is devoted to the company's construction and development.

After the speech was over, the impatient colleagues said that they would strive to be the best employees of the company and contribute to the development of the company. Finally, let us look forward to the announcement of the evaluation results, and look forward to the more brilliant tomorrow!

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