Wonderful review of the opening event of the Tenglong Group in 2018

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Start working!

Hello~ Eribati!

Have you had a Spring Festival holiday?

I miss Sir?

Do you think you haven’t laid enough?

Going to work in a blink of an eye?

In a blink of an eye, we are welcoming again.

2018 Tenglong Group Opening Year

I believe that everyone is earning a lot of money.

Resistance to Sir is also arranged for everyone.

Highlights of today's event

Tenglong spread wings

New Year's Eve

Although the weather in early spring still has a hint of coolness

But your friends still arrived at the company early.

Welcome the God of Wealth

This year our God of Wealth is not only sending "gold coins"

Also sent us "5 million"


In addition to the God of Wealth

How can you get less in the beginning of the year?

Our grandson has greatly spread the benefits for everyone.


New year congratulations

After the God of Wealth officially entered our opening year activities

New year has new wishes

Our leaders are already ready for the full blessings.

I can’t wait to give it to my family.

(Mr. Sun Zhiyong, Chairman of the Board, New Year Message)

(General Manager Zhang Chunru's New Year's Message)

(In Germany, the deputy general manager of the heart of Tenglong, Ms. Wang Suyan, New Year’s message)

(Mr. Zhao Jinfang, General Manager of the General Manager, New Year's Message)

After the leaders’ speeches, they officially entered

"Tenglong spread wings and impressed miles" in 2018

In addition to the leadership’s wishes for us in the new year

Still need to have our own goals and wishes

All our colleagues wrote together 2018

Strive for and strive for your own expectations and goals



The next step is of course the expectation...

Game link

First of all, we must introduce it

The two can only use one beauty word to describe the moderator

Cannon and second cannon

I saw these two "Italian cannons"

I believe everyone understands how the next routine is gone.


The cannon and the second cannon of Renmei Luzi

Even the red envelopes are so unusual.

Everyone’s scene is “噼里啪啦”

The most "standard" ordinary fa together

National password grab red envelope

Of course... how can a beautiful person's routine be spicy?

The game is not playing well, the punishment has not run



(It seems that our life winner has already appeared)


The long-awaited lottery

The boss’s bold and generous

Let’s make these little guys win big prizes.

Everyone earns a lot of money


happy Birthday

In addition to the beginning of the eighth day, we are working on the lucky day of the Tenglong Group.

It’s our dear Miss Zhang’s birthday.

So, we are Miss Zhang and the first quarter of 2018

Birthday colleagues prepared a birthday party

Send the blessings of all the colleagues of the Tenglong Group

happy Birthday!

Thank you for your growth with Tenglong.


Home taste

Dear family

We get together because of fate

In Tamron, we get along like family.

Mutual tolerance, mutual help

Today, we bid farewell to our loved ones in our hometown.

Continue to fight alongside Tamron

Bless you, my family

Let us taste the taste of "咱家"


Emoticon package

(Society Wanjie: Delicious! No explanation)

(The best MVP of the game)

Ok, I’m sorry to say goodbye to everyone.

See you next time! ! !

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