In 2018, the Lantern Festival was held, and it was troubled~~

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Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, Xiaozheng Yue, Yuan Xi or Lantern Festival, is the first important festival after the Spring Festival.

It coincides with the festive season, and Sir is taking you today to experience the Lantern Festival activities of the impermeable big family, Go! !

Prize-winning riddle

Entering the company early in the morning, Sir was able to see a dazzling riddle. The little friends lined up and used their own wisdom (bai) Hui (du) to crack the mystery of a riddle. Think about it so easily. Prizes, all excited, excited! !



Get off work one hour in advance.jpg

Take the voucher for a prize! !

(The ones who smoked the kiss of the opposite sex,

Resistance to Sir decided to spend 5 cents on high-priced recycling, and whoever has wood to change...)


Hot dance

How can such a lively scene have less Miss Zhang of our company? Miss Zhang’s songs and the accompanying dance colleagues’ interpretations will bring the atmosphere to a climax, and everyone will applaud! !

Eat Yuanxiao

Eating Yuanxiao symbolizes the family's reunion like the full moon, and pinned people's good wishes for future life. Here, Sir is hoping that the immovable family will get better and better in the days to come! ! What is your Lantern Festival? Come, think about it while eating, haha...


End blessing

Years old and old, the ages are different. All employees of the mobile technology wish you:

The yen, the full moon, and the round.

Official sources and financial resources are constantly flowing.

Humanity, blessing, and fate.

Willingness, wish, wish to come true!

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