In 2018, the annual meeting of the Tenglong Group came to a successful conclusion! Resist Sir to take you back to the wonderful moments!

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On January 28, 2018, it was an ordinary Sunday "rest day" and the long-awaited annual meeting of the Tenglong Group colleagues. Although the cold temperature constantly blocked the pace of our progress, the Yinren Pavilion in Longkou West Road was full of laughter and laughter, and a burst of applause. Here, we will start a two-day and one-night hot spring hotel tour feast, wonderful performances, rich gifts, let us review it together! !

After many days of preparation by the staff

This annual meeting of "Innovation, Challenge Self, and Win-win"

It can be said that it is very vivid and can be completely felt from the door.

This annual meeting is innovative and can be seen from the signboard.

Tenglong logo gathered by LED small lights

After each guest signs their name on the small lamp

Light up by hand, meaning that the Tenglong Group shines hot

At that moment, I believe everyone's heart is excited~

- Guest sign in the seat -

Resigning old and welcoming

“Innovation, challenge yourself, work together and win-win”

Tenglong Group 2018 Annual Meeting

With the host's passionate opening remarks

Officially begin

--leader's speech--

General Manager of Tenglong Group - Ms. Zhang Chunru

Chairman of Tenglong Group - Mr. Sun Zhiyong

Ms. Wang Suyan, Deputy General Manager of Tenglong Group

Mr. Liu Shuangxi, General Manager of Hainan Branch of Tenglong Group

Mr. Wu Huadong, General Manager of Tenglong Group Shenzhen Branch

After the wonderful speeches of the leaders

Of course, it is to enter our most exciting program performances.

Next is a review of the wonderful programs that Sir is doing for everyone.

High energy ahead! !

wonderful perfomance



After the show is finished, of course, it is an award.

This is a glorious moment

The company also carefully prepared for the winners.

Rich bonuses and exclusive custom prizes

Honor award



The scene is particularly touching, and people can't help but make people tear their eyes.

Let us applaud these outstanding colleagues! ! Learn from them and keep improving! !

Annual sales champion

Annual innovation team

5 years of excellent employees

10 years of outstanding employees


This glass of wine has three wishes:

I wish the Tenglong Group a prosperous business and a prosperous future.

I wish the parents and relatives of the distant side good health and good luck.

I wish you all the best for the New Year, and I want to make things happen, step by step!

Let's hold up the glass of blessings and cheers!

The annual meeting ended successfully

But the enthusiasm of the heart of the Tenglong people will never go out.

In a clink, a blessing

I wish you all 2018

New Year's Grand Canal, take it to the next level! !

Finally, I will present a photo of the Tenglong family for everyone! !


Resistance to Sir, I wish you all a new year

Good luck, good luck!

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