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Job Title: Sales Representative

description of job:

1. Mainly responsible for the promotion and sales of the company's products, and the maintenance and development of customers;

2. Expand and maintain the company's sales channel system, maintain customers, analyze market dynamics, and complete sales tasks set by the company;

3. Assist customers in project development and provide product technical support to customers;

4. Communicate with network platform personnel in a timely manner to discover the dynamic trend of the market;

5. Communicate timely the problems arising from the use of the product and assist in solving related problems;

job requirements:

1. College degree or above;

2. Good communication and market development capabilities;

3. Be honest, motivated, work conscientiously, work in a down-to-earth manner, positive and optimistic attitude, good professional ethics;

4, has a good team spirit and a certain ability to withstand pressure.


1. Remuneration: The company provides employees with generous remuneration packages;

2. Social security provident fund: The company purchases pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment and maternity insurance, and provident fund for employees;

3. Commercial insurance: The company purchases commercial accident insurance for employees;

4. Paid annual leave: Provide a paid annual leave system superior to the national system for employees who have worked for one year;

5. Travel: Organize a tour of all employees every year;

6. Annual physical examination: The company regularly arranges employee physical examinations every year to pay attention to warmth and care;

7. Other benefits: provide lunch subsidies;

8. Hold employee birthday meetings every quarter and send love gifts to birthday employees;

Working hours: five days and eight hours of work.

Working address: Room 216, No. 71, Longkou West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Functional category: sales representative

Contact: 13926047810 Mr. Liang (sometimes the phone can't make trouble sending text messages)

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