Passionate May, thanksgiving mother

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Mother's Day is a festival that thankes the mother. The tradition of this festival originated in ancient Greece; the modern Mother's Day originated in the United States and is the second Sunday of May each year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day, carnations are regarded as flowers for the mother, and Chinese mothers are sedge flowers, also called forget-me-nots.

Hello! Dear friends!

Sunday is the greatest holiday next week - Mother's Day!

Today, we have also held the resistance.

"Love May, Grateful and Move" Mother's Day

Game link



(The little brother’s game library is being hollowed out.

If the friends have a good idea to remember to poke the little brother)


(Be punished to drink the "mysterious" white liquid dou body jiang)

Happy birthday Q2

Today, Sir is also a special Q2 birthday colleague.

Hosted a birthday party

Also made the best wishes for everyone.

In addition to the birthday cake, also carefully for everyone

Selected the "Buddha" gift

(It’s one year older, remember to listen and listen.)

someone said

Birthday is my mother's day of crucifixion

On that day, it was doomed

Our owe to our mother

Thank you mom for raising us up.

At the same time, we have a group of resistance

Young and beautiful mothers

Thank you for your care and care in our lives.

And guidance and help at work

Mom, you have worked hard...

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