You can learn the art of praise in the workplace!

Release date:2018-05-23Views: Times

Today, the director of the mobile technology has popularized what is the "chilling technique" in the workplace, and what is the "art of praise". After learning the small family of the impermeable family, they are also eager to try and praise each other. The harvest is full!

    For example: use a third party to praise, if you have a lot of friends with each other, this method is very suitable. For example: "XX once told me that he thinks that you are very reliable, very real." "To tell the truth, whether it is the older generation of our generation or our mutual friends, when they talk about you, they are all appreciated. Plus." Tip: This "third party" is best for the person who "pays attention" to the other party.


    Finally, the art of praise is passed on between you, me, and him, bringing good luck to our career path!

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