In 2018, Guangdong Province promoted the outstanding entrepreneurship and integrity construction conference ended successfully!

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On the morning of June 14, 2018, the Guangdong Province Promoting Outstanding Entrepreneurship and Integrity Construction Conference hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Enterprises and the Guangdong Entrepreneurs Association was held in Guangzhou. The former Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the former Governor of the Provincial People's Government, Huang Huahua, the Executive Vice President and Chairman of the China Enterprise Confederation, Zhu Hongren, the former Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, the former Executive Vice President of the Provincial Enterprise Alliance, Liang Cansheng, and the Executive Chairman of the Provincial Enterprise Alliance, Meng Yunjuan, Zhu Jiangtao, deputy director of the Provincial State Taxation Bureau, Zhang Zhenduo, vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Tan Jun, deputy inspector of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Chen Zhixiang, party secretary of the Provincial Productivity Promotion Center, Provincial Department of Commerce, Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Provincial Social Science Representatives of the hospital attended the meeting.

Huang Huahua (middle) and Liang Cansheng (right) attended the conference to encourage entrepreneurs

Also attending the conference were the Executive Vice President of the Provincial Enterprise Alliance, the Vice President of the Provincial Enterprise Association, Shi Libin, Guan Runqi, Han Minghui, Bu Xiaoqiang, Wu Tonghong, Xie Hongru, Mo Guanliang, Li Faxing, Zeng Guanxiong, Zhuang Daquan, Qiu Xiaoyi, Qi Shaocheng, Ren Jun. Jiang Guohua, He Xiong, Lin Zhengguang, etc. The Guangdong Province's promotion of outstanding entrepreneurship activities was officially launched at the conference. Many enterprises signed the Integrity Convention. More than 900 entrepreneurs, experts and scholars from all walks of life in the province attended the conference.

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At the conference, a group of outstanding enterprises in Guangdong Province, outstanding entrepreneurs in Guangdong Province, best credit enterprises in Guangdong Province and honest demonstration enterprises were commended.

The company is fortunate to have won the title of “2017 Guangdong Province Honesty Demonstration Enterprise”, which fully reflects the affirmation and support of the Provincial Enterprise Confederation, the Provincial Entrepreneur Association, the provincial government and the community for the anti-motion technology! We hope that the technology will continue to work harder and create greater glories!



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