Play and move, let's put "粽"

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Hello! Eribati!

It’s me, you’re handsome and sultry.

Next Monday, we are going to welcome Chinese traditional festivals.

Scorpion festival

Cough cough... Dragon Boat Festival!

How can we do activities during the holidays?

Is it like this...

Ok, don't brush the sound.

Hey! This is the theme of our activities!

(I know that it’s a day without a fight...)


In the morning, everyone came to the company.

The first thing that catches your eye is these gifts.

The principle of our resistance to activities has always been

Have something to eat, have fun, have a gift!

Today is no exception...


The game time is up! ! !

First, please take out the first unofficial support...



Today's game can be described as:

Light (shi) pine (fen) pleasure (can) fast (ren)

The game is completed on the fingerboard

The little brother saw the moment when everyone just stepped on.....

Forgive me for not being kind.

This sitting...

I feel the pressure in front of the screen.

(At this moment, the picture is beautiful.. but cp...)

(Distressed next door Uncle Wang for 10 seconds)

(A few rounds of the game, the strongest of the four groups was born)

Finally, send a gift to everyone by the temporary temporary "F4"!

That scene, the momentum, the crowds...

Everyone has a share, never loses

It’s so sentimental, it’s such a human touch.

Finally put a small photo with a beautiful woman and Chunru

This is the end of this event.

Looking forward to the next holiday event with everyone

I wish you all the best for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Enjoy fun "粽"!

Guangzhou, I wish you all

Dragon Boat Festival

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